Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pushing beyond limits

After Sunday's hard run, I wasn't planning to do much yesterday - we spent the morning lolling at the beach while the kids had a lemonade stand. But my friend, tireless and fearless as she is, wanted to go for another run int he afternoon, and this time we mapped out a full 5 miles. When I run here, the elevation gain is in the hundreds of feet - there, on the Cape, we went from a minimum of 6 feet above sea level to a max of 51! But every foot counts, especially running two days in a row, in sun and wind! Her friend Becky joined us - Becky lives in India and works with with survivors of sex trafficking as part of her organization - so we all inspired each other on this run. Every step was hard, but I did it - the whole five miles. Sometimes my body amazes me with what it can do if I just try! We all agreed that running with friends makes all the difference to motivation - I'm sure I"d have turned back if I was alone and I know Sarah felt the same. Becky is all of 23, so it was probably a different matter for her! Tomorrow we go again - 4 miles is the plan.

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LBTEPA said...

This sounds like just the weekend you needed - so positive and inspiring! I'm happy for you :)