Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fundraising total is inching up!

As of today, there's over $800 raised by the "chip-in" widget, and another $500 or so in checks offline. I'm going to need a lot more than that to buy a new (used) car, though! Many friends have told me they're planning to pledge, and I'll be sending out another email blast shortly before the event. Also, the local paper is planning a profile of my efforts - which hnestly I feel a little weird about. I have been bringing a lot of attention on myself lately between this and my photo blog - do I really need more? (Evidently I do, as I didn't say no to the reporter!)

I had a not-so-great workout today - first since Saturday. Swam 1/3 mile, and then went for a run. I never got past that stage of "my legs feel heavy, not sure i can make it!" I jogged down the hill from the Hotchkiss pool to their outdoor track, and tried to do a fast lap, but "fast" was 2:36 for a quarter mile - something like a 10:25 mile pace. I think my fast short laps were under 10 last time, but I just couldn't get going. (Stiff wind, hot and humid, probably good preparation for the event!) Going back up the hill, I walked most of the way, then ran for the last few minutes. Total run time, about 30 minutes. Tomorrow I"ll do spinning and then a short run. Friday, try for a longer run. Saturday, maybe just a long bike ride, since I'll have to spend most of the day preparing for Ella's birthday party. But - AACK! That might be my last chance for a true mini-tri since the pool is closing Friday for 3 weeks! Unless I do an outdoor swim (hmm...not such a bad idea!) I won't be able to do any swimming the last week. Once I get the right wetsuit I should do a pond swim.

Called the wetsuit people, who suggested I buy the next size smaller and see if it works better. They said as long as I can breathe, tight is OK! So I"ll order the 14 and see if I can get it on!


RUTH said...

Good to see your total is rising. Grab all the publicity you can; you've worked so hard. Hope the next wetsuit fits'll need it for outdoor swimming!

KrissyGo! said...

Bang a gong...get it on!