Sunday, May 06, 2007

Looking forward

I'm not too sore today - achilles tendon feels fine, legs only slightly wobbly. Tomorrow swim, and onward to June 2! (With the Lake Waramaug tri in mind, I'm going to do all my swims at 1/2 mile instead of 1/3 - might as well go the distance!) I haven't decided what to do about the shoes yet - my worn out, too-small nikes are much kinder on my knees than my brand new, theoretically-my-size, theoretically correct for my kind of arches, Saucony's. I ordered insoles - but the idea of fiddling with the shoes to try and make them work is worrisome. The rest of my gear seems ok - the running pants are a little loose in the waist but they didn't actually fall down since nothing could get past my still-extremely-large hips. Speaking of which, I wonder how the wetsuite I ordered will fit - it should come sometime this week. I also wish my shirt had pockets - I had to carry my gu packet in my bra! Maybe I won't carry one in the tri - I'll have them at transition and on the bike - for the 3 mile run I can probably do without! I didn't get quite enough time to bask in my triumph yesterday as I was so busy wtih the benefit all afternoon and evening, but I did see a lot of friends who showered me with praise - that was pretty nice! (including my friend Jennie, who ran yesterday in 7-minute-miles but was still very generous in congratulating me!)

PS - it looks like I haven't raise much money yet, but in fact quite a few people have sent checks - there's no way to show that in the 'widget' but I'll update the accompanying text tomorrow to show the grand total to date. And lots of people have promised to pledge sometime soon so I'm still confident that we'll get our new Care Car!


KrissyGo! said...'ve got a month to break in the new shoes (insoles and all) -- TAKE IT!

Our bodies are amazing when it comes to adapting, and it can be difficult to leave behind our seemingly comfortable shoes, bike fit, etc. But trust me, you will be MUCH better off with shoes and insoles that fit correctly. It will definitely feel strange at first, but the transitional period is shorter than you think and you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

RUTH said...

A wet suit! Golly I can't imagine how difficult it must be to get into one of those; it always looks quite a feat when I see people putting them on on the TV (nearest I'll ever get to one...LOL) Do you get "changing clothes" time? I hope enough money get raised for the car.