Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Time to Pledge!

I hope to do many, many more triathlons after this one, but I don't expect to fundraise for each one - from now on, it will be just for me -- for the fun, the challenge, the improved fitness and wellbeing. But I really want to make this fundraiser a success - the senior citizens of our community rely on the Care Car to get them to the doctor and other essential medical appointments! There are only three days left - if you can pledge anything - $10 is great! now is the time! You can click on the Chipin Widget or follow the other link direclty to PayPal - or feel free to just send a check to: NECC, PO Box 35, Millerton, NY 12546. More info about NECC and the Care Car here.

I went for my final run today. I think I've gotten the shoe thing under control - the half-insole in the front of the right foot took up all the annoying extra room. It took me at least 20 minutes to feel comfortable running, though - at various times my right knee hurt, my left calf hurt, both hamstrings hurt, I had no breath, my water bottle was bouncing too much - the usual whiny assortments of complaints. I was trying to focus only on form: cadence and the leaning forward taught in Chi Running. And funny thing: after the first mile or so, I started to feel better and got into a rhythm. (It helped that it was mostly downhill or level from that point on!) It reminded me of an article I once read about the great ballet dancer Edward Villella, who was still dancing into his fifties. When he'd wake up in the morning, he could barely walk - he'd hobble into the dance studio, creaky and achy. But after a long, slow class - at least an hour and a half - he'd be his old, brilliant self again, able to leap and turn with the same lightness and grace as ever. I guess I just need to give myself plenty of warmup time! (It helps that the run is last, and the two other events will serve that function.)

Tomorrow: last bike ride, Thursday, last swim, Friday, last rest!

Finally, a question for my visitors who consider yourselves "athena" athletes: what, EXACTLY, do you wear during triathlons?


LBTEPA said...

I wear an Enell sports bra (THE BEST), a dri-fit singlet (tank top?) and light tri-shorts (no undies). I wear all of this under my wetsuit. I put my socks on under my bike shoes and then change into my runners at T2. Lots of people do without socks but I don't (at this stage).
Do you have the book Slow Fat Triathlete? Jayne's lists of what to wear/do are really helpful.
Good luck for the weekend!!

RUTH said...

Glad you've got the shoe problem sorted...take care over the next couple of days and keep those muscles limbered up.