Friday, May 04, 2007

First big test!

Tomorrow is the Sharon Classic - 5 miles on a "gently rolling"course, according to the website. Gently??? I have never yet run up any one of its gentle hills without stopping to gasp for breath at the top! Of course I learned yesterday that these kinds of intervals - hills, or speed work - are the best possible thing one can do to improve endurance. So says the New York Times. My knees feel a bit better but it makes me nervous that, in the name of "tapering" I haven't worked out since Tuesday morning. On one hand, my muscles have lost all the soreness and achiness they had after last weekend, so that's a good thing, but can it be good for my endurance? I guess I"ll find out tomorrow! Stay tuned for race report and photos!


KrissyGo! said...

Hey there...Have FUN tomorrow! I'm sure you'll be thrilled to see all your hard work pay off!

Duane said...

Have fun and lets see some photos!

RUTH said...

You can do it Jenny! Sending Good Luck & a {{{HUG}}}

RUTH said...

I can't find a comment box on your post above; Just want to say WELL DONE!!! I'm so proud of you!! I received the thank you letter from you this morning...what a coincidence that I should get it the day you were doing a run!! Have been "double" thinking of you.