Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Worst. Run. Ever.

I know it's cutesy and trendy to write a sentence with a period after each word. But it made me happy while I was plodding along to think about writing that headline. I'm beyond tired - small children waking up in the middle of the night, coming into ones' bed, poking and tossing and turning, along with work worries, wailing cats, strange cars honking their horns at 5am, and nightmares about Chrissy's death in the Sopranos (and oh, that horrible AJ's almost-suicide scene... yeek!) all combine to create some serious exhaustion. But I went running this evening anyway, with a minimum of psyching myself up or out or whatever. But from the first, I just never got my engine running. I had a water bottle in a pouch, and attached my little camera to it as well so I was heavily laden with things bouncing all around my butt. Plus I'm still not happy with my shoes - they just feel too loose around the widest part, and that feeling of insecurity seems to cause me to grip my toes, or tense them, or something. Anyway, I went something like 13 for the first mile - horrible. Stopped to walk midway through the second mile. Walked and jogged (and took some pictures) for the third mile. Walked most of the fourth mile up the hills. Everything hurt - knees, back, achilles. A gu didn't help (but it still tastes good.) Ran some of the fifth mile, but walked a lot too - all in all, I did 5 miles in an hour and a half. I won't even average that out - no point. My back hurt more than it has in months when I got home - 3 advil and a half-hour on a heating pad has eased it some.

The difference between me now and me a year ago is I won't let this discourage me - I'm trying to take the attitude that it still was a workout, my heart and lungs and legs still got something out of it so I'm better off than I would have been if I hadn't gone - it's all progress. But with 10o days to go, I don't know what to do about the shoes - there is a fancy running store about 45 minutes from here - I could possible go on Thursday morning and get some advice. I think a week might be enough to get used to more new shoes for a 3 mile race? Meanwhile I discovered a professional colleague I've known for years is also a volunteer at the Pawling Triathlon - it will be so much fun to see her in such a different context!


RUTH said...

You must get those shoes sorted so you can break them in before the real run. You are doing so well despite sleepless nights, children and work. Think of this run as just a bad dress rehersal.

Triathlon Sisters said...

you are an inspiration, Jenny. You are absolutely right about the fact that as we "mature" as athletes, it's not that it gets any easier, it's just that we don't let the bad days discourage us. We know that "this too shall pass" (as one of my wise elders says to me regarding spiritual crises!). Hawk