Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Once and for all...

... I'm going to sort out my shoe problems. (and none too soon - my knees and back ache today after yesterday's cruddy workout.) Turns out there is an excellent running shoe store in New Milford, 45 minutes from here, and very close to where I have a meeting tomorrow noon (which is also where the Tri is so I can check out the course.) I'm going to bring all my shoes, inserts, and complaints, and see if they can help. I'd hate to spend more money on more shoes, but if it will make a difference, I'll do it. (Fred, don't read this!)

I swam today, for all of about 12 minutes - was writing a memo this morning that went longer than I 'd thought, and then when I arrived at the gym with only about 20 minutes to go before the open swim ended, found I'd left my swimsuit in the car so had to trek all the way back to the parking lot. My goggles were leaky, my back was creaky, my shoulder was squeaky - you get the picture. All this must be nerves, right? The good news is, the pool is still open on Tuesday and Thursday next week, so I could get one or two more swims in.


LBTEPA said...

it IS worth it to get your shoes/feet checked out - being able to exercise means you'll be healthier in the future! I think of all my shoes/physio/podiatris/toys (well probably not toys LOL) as INSURANCE.
Good on you for pressing on when you didn't feel like it. That's how you get there - one little step at a time :)

RUTH said...

I really hope you find something comfortable; the problem is they probably won't let you go for a run with them BEFORE you buy. Hope the aches and pains clear up soon.