Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Here we go!

It's been 13 months since I decided that competing in a triathlon was just the challenge I needed to whip myself out of the 40-something doldrums and back into some semblance of shape. Here is the story of how and why I got started, and in the post below this one is information about the very important cause I'm raising funds for - please consider pledging to support me (or if not me, then the senior citizens who depend on NECC's Care Car)! I'm not sure how I feel about my picture appearing in the Lakeville Journal, when there are so many more "real"athletes out there doing their thing without any attention at all, but if it helps raise money for this cause - I'm happy!

An incomplete summary of my training, by the numbers:

Two and three - pairs of running shoes and sets of insoles, respectively
5 (at least) - strained body parts (achilles, hamstring, knee, neck, shoulder...)
2000 (or so) - lengths I've swum in the Hotchkiss pool
50 (more or less) - spinning classes in which Tina and Janet whipped my butt
45 - packets of Chocolate Outrage Gu, strangely flavored Clif Bars, and servings of mysterious electrolyte drinks I've consumed, not to mention dozens, if not hundreds, of bananas
Innumerable - numbers of warm and encouraging comments from friends and acquaintances, not one of whom looked at me and said, "what, YOU, do a triathlon? You've got to be kidding!"
Uncountable - hours spent browsing expensive triathlon gear online
Don't ask: dollars spent on expensive triathlon gear!
30 - pounds lost! (and 20 to go?)
3 - sizes of clothing dropped
At least a dozen: the number of inspiring triathletes at all levels I've gotten to know, mostly through blogworld, who have inspired and encouraged me. I am in ever-increasing awe of the "real" athletes who do this, without making a fuss or asking for attention or praise or money, but who just get up, get out the door, do their three or five or 12 miles, and get on with their healthy lives!

With less than two days to go, I could not be happier or more excited about this entire experience. The weight loss is great, of course! But there are other changes, too - I think I'm just feeling happier, calmer, steadier, more confident. Athletic endeavors do not come easy to me - which makes me all the more proud that I've gotten up and out, five or six days a week, for the last year. There is so much more ahead of me, too - not just races, but the natural beauty of this region is waiting for me and my family to discover it through bike rides, hikes and other outdoor adventures that I could never have imagined taking on a year ago!

Meanwhile, Pawling Triathlon, here I come!


RUTH said...

What a change in a year...I've only been following you part of it but am really proud of all you've achieved.
Not long now!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

WooHoo! Now it's time to bring it on!! Looking forward to reading the story from the flip-side. :)

Audrey said...

Popped in from Ruths to say I admire your determination and dedication, GOOD LUCK wishes for your run on Saturday...

CG said...

Good luck Jenny!!!!!

Icarus said...

As I think it's fair to say that you are my "oldest", most enduring blog-friend & you know how much I value that, I must tell you now that I am so proud of you!!!
It is an incredible thing to do, I quake just at the thought of preparing for, let alone entering a triathlon.
But the best outcome of you grasping this bull by the horns is the way that rather than seeing it as a penury, you have taken only positives, and in the process feel better about yourself. I nearly wrote "grown", but I suspect you wouldn't like that, but no ambiguity. It is a growing experience and you are only to be admired. Only I ask your understanding & forgiveness that circumstances have to see me exerting some unaccustomed & unnatural discipline on sponsoring now. I am by any means happy about that. But I'll certainly be thinking of you tomorrow and waiting for your report. GO JEN! Nearly at the finish line!!
Love, kisses & a bowl of warm water to put your feet into.


Akelamalu said...

Just popped over from Ruth's place to wish you luck.

Duane said...

Good luck! Have fun!

RUTH said...

Hi Jenny; just popped over to say I hope it went ok and that you having a good rest now.